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The Scottish composer Geraldine Mucha (1917 - 2012) was writing music for ninety years. Her orchestral works include a ballet, Macbeth, a piano concerto, suites and overtures; her chamber music contains quartets and trios and many pieces for wind instruments; her vocal music sets poetry by Webster, Byron and Shakespeare.

After studying at the Royal Academy of Music, Geraldine left London in 1945 and travelled with her Czech husband to Prague, the city which was to become her principal home for the rest of her life. Here her music received performances by leading professional orchestras and soloists. However, as a result of spending nearly forty years behind the Iron Curtain, her music remains almost unknown in Great Britain or elsewhere.

Geraldine's public role was dedicated to furthering the reputation of her famous father-in-law, the Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha. In her amazing baroque apartment, close by Prague Castle, Geraldine received hundreds of distinguished visitors, but very few of them ever knew that the vivacious chatelaine was herself an accomplished artist.

The Geraldine Mucha website has been established in conjunction with The Mucha Foundation in order to gain a wider recognition and appreciation for the music of this remarkable and dedicated composer.

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All colourful background images used on this site are from Geraldine Mucha's watercolour paintings