Geraldine Mucha

5th July 1917 Born, 29 Oxford Road, London NW6.
1929 – 1934 Attends Frognall School, Fitzjohn's Avenue, London NW3.
Meets Maeve Bax and her father, the composer, Arnold Bax.
1934 - 1935 Year off. Lessons with Benjamin Dale. Music for play at Steiner Hall
1935 – 1943 Attends Royal Academy of Music,London N W 1, studies composition and piano.
Composes Ballet music , Nausicaa.
1941 (Spring) Meets Jiří Mucha
1942 Marries Jiří.
Písen šibenice, unfinished songs to texts by Jiří Mucha.
1943 Piano Quartet performed at Wigmore Hall, published by Boosey and Hawks.
1943 (Summer) Graduates from Royal Academy
1943 - 1945 Called up for wartime service. Works on telephone switchboard.
1944 Composes Music to a play by Charles Williams at Steiner Hall.
1st String Quartet.
1945 (Autumn) Moves to Prague with Jiří.
1946-50 Lives out in the country at Želežná Ruda.
1946 Participates in organisation of the first Prague Spring Music Festival directed by Raphael Kubelík.
Meets Yehudi Menuhin, David Oistrakh, Leonard Bernstein
1947 Sonata in G minor for violin and piano.
1948 Birth of son John
1950 Jiří, arrested and gaoled.
Geraldine moves to flat in Hradčany, Prague.
1952 Symphonic poem, Šumava.
1953 Jiří released from prison.
1954 Sixteen Variations on an Old Scottish Song
1950's Works for music publishers. She helps edit the complete works of Dvořák
1957 Nonet
1960 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra
1962 Translates Jaroslav Vogel's biography of Leoš Janáček into English.
1962 Alphonse Mucha exhibition held at Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
1965 Full-length ballet Macbeth
1970's / 1980's Lives in Scotland, maintains a flat in London and often visits Prague
1971 Concertino for Cello and Wind Instruments.
1975 - 1983 John Webster Songs
1975 En Los Piñares de Jucar
1988 2nd String Quartet
5th April 1991 Is in Prague when Jiří dies.
1992 Returns to live in Prague permanently.
1998 Wind Quintet
2003 Millenium Nonet
2006 Duo for Violin and Piano
2007 90th birthday.
2008 Birthday concert held in National Museum, Prague. Naše cesta
2012 95th birthday.
Concert held in Prague conservatory.
12th Oct. 2012 Dies, at her home in Prague.